Educational Challenges

250 million

Indian children suffering from serious learning deficiencies

70 million

Indian children lack a proper learning environment before joining school

Absence of preschool education leads to children enrolling in primary schools without the requisite learning and skills & lack of formal after-school support to improve learning levels leads to 40% dropouts by Age 12.

Gender Inequality Issues

India ranked 132 out of 148 countries

on Gender Inequality Index in the Global Human Development Report

Women have never received

the respect, remuneration, acknowledgment and recognition for the work they do.

Diversification of female workforce has been very low due to limited education and appropriate skills and a lot needs to be done for bringing them into mainstream economy.

About Us

Who are we?

ThinkZone is an award winning social impact startup that enables women entrepreneurs to drive technology-based learning in low-income communities. ThinkZone implements a comprehensive, scale-driven lean model through its ‘school-in-a-box’ solution to deliver quality early childhood and primary-level education programs at less than a dollar a month per child.

ThinkZone uses offline technology, proprietary teaching activities and class management tools while following the Teaching-at-the-Right-Level approach(an MIT evidence-based pedagogy) to improve learning levels of children. Through providing low-income women with training and income-generating opportunities, ThinkZone also contributes to greater gender equality.

This is probably the very few times in India where a technology-based pedagogy is built for first generation learners and for teachers who come from limited education background.

Our Mission

"Enabling women entrepreneurs provide tech-driven quality education in rural India"

Our Partners

The Model

Developing a Financially Sustainable 'Community Enhancement' Model

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Our Work

Early Childhood Education

Our play-based program provides children with a good foundation and also instils a love for learning from a young age. The three-level education programs make the children at the Bottom of the Pyramid start off on the right foot by having them be in a learning environment early.

Children are school ready through development of skills like literacy, numeracy, engaging in learning activities, ability to follow directions, working well with other children etc. They are eager to learn, thereby enabling a successful transition to a primary school learning environment.

Primary Level Education

Our primary-level program helps supplement a child’s limited school education. We implement a level-based and not an age-based program, thus giving each child a chance to catch up with the class level requirements. The programs aim to bridge multiple year learning gaps across primary level in a specified period of time.

Children will develop age appropriate skills and such a strong foundation in basic competencies helps them to perform well in their academic careers. Our approach is independent of the existing education system but at the same time remains in alignment with the broad educational requirements.

Women Empowerment

Our model provides dignified and convenient livelihood opportunities to women and simultaneously builds ownership of the program at the grassroots level. It also improves the socioeconomic status of teachers while also creating women leaders and role models in local communities.

Women are empowered to get involved in the design & development of innovative and child-centred learning modules for reading, writing, and arithmetic in their own facilities.


Creating Positive Impact

Increased access to quality education in far-flung areas.

Improvement in learning levels of children.

Increase in livelihood opportunities at the BoP

Decrease in school drop-outs from higher grades

Third Party Endorsements

Selected among 20 Laureate Global Fellows for the year 2017(International Youth Foundation)

D-Prize 2017 Grant Winner for increasing access to proven poverty interventions

Among 10 of the world's largest impact start-ups at MassChallenge Israel

CEMEX-Tec 2018 Award Winner(Mexico) and selected among top 15 social enterprises across the world

Join Us

We welcome full-time professionals, part-time individuals, interns, freelancers and volunteers to be a part of our mission of providing low cost high quality education to children from low income group families.

Desired competencies will depend on the work involved but will most often include expertise in sales, strategy, research, operations, technology and stakeholder management.

Interested? Write to us at along with your resume

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