December Newsletter

Follow up-to IVR through community workshops

This month we have started our workshops to reach out to the parents and communities of children enrolled in Anganwadis of Salepur District. Last month we had launched our IVR Based Parental Engagement Program to enable parents to adopt modern educational practices at home. These workshops are a continuation of the same program, supporting the parents to successfully implement the DIY learning modules which they have received through IVR and track the development progress of the kids through it.

ThinkZone India Micro-Entrepreneurs in Education (TIME) fellowship

We are launching the TIME Fellowship for women in Rural Odisha with the objective of making them micro-entrepreneurs. The fellows will be implementing the ThinkZone Programs in their own communities using activity and technology-based methodology. The fellows would be supported by the ThinkZone team for the successful implementation of the program. We have launched this program currently in three districts of Odisha.

Our new blog introduces our team members, some old some new, on our website. Click this link to get directed towards our blog.

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