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Bringing About A Much Needed Change In Rural Odisha

“Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and the world better than you found it”
– Martin Wright Edelman

Across several districts in Odisha, the kids rise and shine much before the school bell rings. (more…)

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Spoon-Feeding Versus Self-Learning

I remember several incidents from my school time that just came back to me as I started writing on this topic. Spoon-feed, as per its definition, is to provide someone with so much help or information that they do not need to think for themselves. This practice was so common in schools that we didn’t even realize that its happening. (more…)

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Pre-Primary and Primary Education – The Crisis and The Solutions (Part 1)

The monograph (Part 1 and 2) explores the Education system in India as it has come through over the years and the various policies and schemes taken up by the government for the improvement of this system. It also mentions the data points collected by various government and non government agencies which brings out the crisis that the country is facing in the education Sector. There are a number of steps taken up by the government over the years to solve this while a lot of organisations in the non profit sector have also played a major role in that. The monograph talks about them and the National Education Policy 2019 and the effect that it can create in all of this.

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Pre-Primary and Primary Education – The crisis and the solution (Part 2)

Pre-Primary Education is one not so talked about topics in the country. Even though it should be on primary focus right now. As the NEP states with evidence that 85% of child’s cumulative development happens before the age of six. The Integrated Child Development Service and under it the Anganwadi scheme has played a major role in improving the health status in the rural hinterland but nothing concrete has yet been set up for the curriculum or for monitoring the learning outcomes. The curriculum for the pre-primary education as seen in other countries or in some private schools covers four major skills Physical, Language, Memory and Social Skills. These our some basic skills that needs to be implemented and worked upon for every kid before they enter the primary grades. The Primary grade consisting of classes 1 to 5 are predominantly along the same lines in the curriculum. In india, the state and central boards have guidelines for these classes which is based on a syllabus with various tests year round. For kids who have not been a part of any pre school activity before this, it is very dangerous to push them into a system which does not gives them a space to understand it.  (more…)

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