Quality Learning Initiatives in schools and anganwadis of Bhadrak

ThinkZone’s program is being implemented in primary schools and anganwadis in the Bhadrak district to improve the learning outcomes and build foundational skills of the students. The program aims to enhance the effectiveness of the learning processes by providing support to the teachers, Anganwadi workers (AWW), and community educators. These educators are now implementing technology-based and activities based sessions in their classrooms.


Capacity-building workshops for our cluster managers

This month we also conducted week-long capacity-building workshops of our cluster managers across districts. The workshop was aimed to build an in-depth understanding of the ThinkZone Quality Learning Initiative being implemented across schools, anganwadis and learning centers. Along with this, the sessions were aimed for them to work on different skills such as communication, facilitation and managing day to day operations.

The vision of Antyodaya

“The Vision of Antyodaya” compiled by the Government of India documents the 200 best practices of sustainable development in the country. The book was recently launched by the Honorable Vice-President and mentions ThinkZone quality learning initiatives at the grassroots.

Click here to read the full document.

School Leader’s Workshop at Khorda

We conducted workshops for School Leaders at two clusters of Khorda District before the implementation of the Quality Learning Initiative Program. At the workshop, we discussed our role and the support that would be provided to help them achieve the learning outcomes of the students at their school and engage with the community for overall development.

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