Foundational learning through reading sessions

At our learning centers, partner schools, and anganwadis we have been conducting regular reading sessions to improve foundational skills of children. This is being done in collaboration with Learning Equality and Pratham’s Story Weaver. Our educators are now taking this forward by incorporating reading as a daily activity in their classes. We have observed that improvement in reading skills can impact other aspects of learning as well.

Voice-Based support for Anganwadi Workers

As a part of the ThinkZone program, we have been supporting anganwadis workers across Cuttack and Bhadrak district with voice-based support. Through this, fundamentals of early childhood education are revisited which is in addition to the monthly offline and online training modules already available to them.


IVR for the community

Our IVR has been implemented across several districts to engage with the parents and community. This contains activity modules to aid in the overall development of kids which the parents can try at their homes. We would love to hear your feedback on our IVR. It could help us in developing our platform for better.

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